Racers Edge Motorsports Testimonial - Nov. 2009

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Endurance Sports Car Racing – no greater challenge is placed on both the reliability and performance of the mechanical components on the race car.

The US based Grand American Rolex Series involves races from 2 to 24 hours in duration starting with the most grueling event on the calendar; the Rolex 24 hours at Daytona.

The Racers Edge Motorsports team competes in the series in a fully prepared Mazda RX-8, powered by a 3-rotor Mazda rotary engine. Always looking for a performance or reliability edge, the team has studied and tested the performance of various engine lubricants, before settling on Idemitsu as the product that stands head and shoulders above the rest in both quality and performance.

Team owner Jon Mirachi noted that once the team switched to Idemitsu Racing Rotary Engine Oil in the sump and Racing Rotary Fuel Lube in the fuel tank, not only did engine performance improve, but wear on critical components was dramatically reduced as well. Before switching to Idemitsu, there were some problems with rotor side seals failing and excessive oil pump bushing wear. Both problems were completely eliminated with the switch to Idemitsu products!

“It is rare to find a company that will put so much effort into developing their products to this level,” Mirachi stated, “but Idemitsu clearly has made that kind of commitment going all the way back to the Mazda victory at LeMans in 1991. While other manufacturers are satisfied to sell you a product designed for a piston engine to use in your rotary powerplant, Idemitsu shows the commitment to quality by providing us with lubricants containing specific additives and characteristics to address the special lubrication needs of the rotary engine. We’ve seen the difference their dedication can make and we wouldn’t use anything else!”

Since I started using Idemitsu products I have seen a world of difference in the performance of the car. Pistons and bearing where my worst plague and constantly being repaired after every race and sometimes after a run; but due to the quality of Idemitsu products I have actually saved a tremendous amount of money and time. Thank you so much for making products that actually make sense and work like they are supposed to do, rather than just cause more problems.


I don’t even have to add any costly stabilizers and they can withstand the tremendous amount of high intensity and torture that they are being put through, finally a product that delivers when you need it to, rather than when you need it least. When we inspect the engine after racing it is not torn up and hardly needs any work compared to when we didn’t use Idemitsu products. Finally, a product that not only meets our needs, but exceeds all our expectations and delivers when it matters most.


Thank you



Jerrold R.







Dear Idemitsu,


As my 2006 season draws to a close, I would again like to thank IDEMITSU for providing this team with such outstanding products to use in our racecar. I can honestly say that the IDEMITSU lubricants we are using have not let us down at all and they have certainly demonstrated they can withstand extreme torture and the stress of this 1,000 hp, 1.3 liter, 10,000 RPM, turbocharged rotary without adding costly additives and stabilizers. We use the lubricants exactly as they poor out of their containers.


I am always reassured following each event when the engine is disassembled and inspected that we have no wear at all associated with the lubricated components. This year’s engine featured a new custom crankshaft that has an additional main bearing between each of the rotors. The oil has stood up to the demand and stress with this added load and my confidence in the IDEMITSU racing oils could not be stronger. I have not replaced one bearing all season long! A first for this team!


Thank you IDEMITSU for providing us Off the Shelf lubricants that meet and exceed our expectations. They really work.


Ken Scheepers

Team Ken Scheepers


Dear Idemitsu,


Once again, I would like to thank IDEMITSU for providing us a product that is outstanding. Serious engine builders and tuners now have IDEMITSU lubricants that can withstand extreme torture and stress without adding costly additives and stabilizers.


Moving from All Motor to Modified in the NHRA Sport Compact Drag Racing Series, I have had to develop considerably more power (From just over 300 RWHP to close to 1,000 RWHP) with the same 13B engine and the addition of a turbo charger. The results from the R&D, testing and racing we have completed to date have proved beyond our shadow of a doubt that your lubricants “can take the heat”.


I am amazed that each time we inspect our engines & turbo chargers; we have no wear at all associated with the lubricated components. This “peace of mind” permits this team to race with confidence as was the case with our first Modified win August 21, 2005 at Moroso Motorsports Park.


Thank you IDEMITSU for providing us Off the Shelf lubricants that meet and exceed our expectations.


Ken Scheepers

Turbo II Performance Inc.




Dear Idemitsu,


I am happy to report that both of my motors that I have disassembled to inspect have no problems, particularly as it relates to the eccentric shaft, main bearings and rotor bearings.


The motor that had bearings used prior to the switch to the Idemitsu oil, showed no sign of additional wear. To “test” the oil again, I installed new rotor bearings in the rotors and ran the engine under race conditions with only 1 hour of “break-in” time.


The results, as you will see in the pictures are flawless. I am now convinced you have a great product.


Thank you for your support.


Ken Scheepers

Turbo II Performance Inc.








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