Do you feel that you arenít getting the power you should be from your rotary engine?  Are you experiencing bearing wear under severe (or possibly under not-so-severe) operating conditions?  If so, you may be using the wrong engine oil.  Idemitsu 20W-50 can reduce or even eliminate some of the problems you may be having.  

As the developer of the engine oil for the winning 1991 LeMans Mazda 787B and a long time supplier of vital lubricants to Mazda, Idemitsu has intimate knowledge of the requirements of rotary engines.   

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  • With the precise base oil mix of PolyAlphaOlephins and PolyEsters, Idemitsu Rotary Engine Oils are able to minimize those deposits on your apex seals. 

  • Allows for better sealing of the chamber, facilitating more power generation. 

  • Extends the life of turbochargers by reducing bearing coking.

  • Specially developed additives facilitate even tooth load on the front stationary gear to allow for higher loads and higher RPM.

  • Premium anti-wear agents create a strong film between the main bearings and the eccentric shaft, reducing metal-to-metal contact and minimizing bearing wear.

  • Developed to reduce entrained gas generation.  Entrained gases reduce the oils ability to prevent metal-on-metal contact, thereby increasing main bearing wear.

  • Includes Molybdenum as a friction modifier.  This compound reacts with the metal surfaces to create a low-shear boundary.  The low shear characteristic reduces friction, increasing efficiency and power output. 


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